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After your application is received, your site will be checked. After approval (and adjustment when necessary) you will receive the agreement by regular mail. The agreement has to be signed and returned. As soon as the signed agreement and the payment of the membershipfee has been received you will be able to login to our system, where you (among other things) can:

  • Download our logo, in different formats (and HTML codes), to place them on your website
  • Alter your member information and webshop information
  • Add webshops

In case you apply:

  • you declare to honor the Keurmerk-code of Stichting Webshop Keurmerk
  • you declare to use and implement the Terms and Conditions of Stichting Webshop Keurmerk
  • you declare to give your full co-operation to check and improve your webshop(s), in order to comply to the Keurmerk-code and (NL/EU) consumer legislation
  • you obligate yourselves to pay the yearly contribution fee of 195,- euro (excl. VAT, if applicable). The yearly fee that will be charged is based upon the time of submission until the end of the year, and every january of the next year you will be charged for the full amount untill the end of that year.

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